Semiautomatic double mitre bandsaw SUPER TRAD 380 SO PLUS
Semiautomatic double mitre bandsaw SUPER TRAD 380 SO PLUS



300 260 330 x 260
< 45° 220 180 200 x 160
45° > 260 250 270 x 200
60° > 180 170 170 x 170


The saw SO PLUS allows to make a complete cutting cycle without the constant presence of the operator through the original hydraulic control system for the descent of the sawframe.
Infinitely variable blade speed through INVERTER from 20 to 105 m/min. Analogic measurement of the starting position of the sawframe and blade tension. Limit switch to set the sawframe return just above the material to cut.
With button for the quick approach to the material to cut.

Centralized control panel in the front of the machine including a luminous alarm system. Automation is controlled by safety relay.
High efficiency hydraulic pump and low energy consumption.
Practical and reliable for all cutting needs of small and medium-sized ferrous materials. Large round working table “plateau” which turns with the blade mitering guaranteeing excellent support for the material to cut. This system prevents the blade from cutting the working table as is the case with the conventional bandsaws.
Massive cast-iron vice with handwheel and quick locking lever.
The vice is equipped with a practical handle for rapid movement and is mounted on a rail to allow lateral displacement.
Possibility of cuts from 0° to 60° to the right and to 45° to the left.
Blade tension by handwheel and analogical pressure transducer visualized on the display.
Automatic stop of the machine in case of blade breakage or insufficient tension of the blade.
Possibility to switch between automatic cutting mode to manual cutting mode.
Adjustable sawframe downfeed speed controlled by hydraulic regulator.

Touch Screen CONTROLLER with piece-counter, working hours (partial and total count) and self-diagnosis with the following functions:
- Counting of cut pieces (programmable piece-counter).
- Counting hours of partial and total work.
- Programmable cutting cycle (customization of the cutting cycle).
- Switching from automatic cutting cycle to manual cutting mode.
- Notification of status and error messages.
- Viewing of motor absorption (with Inverter option).
- Display of the blade rotation speed (with Inverter option).
- Interface Language selection (Italian - English - French - German - Spanish - more on request)

The digital controller offers three different operating functions:

Semi-automatic cutting cycle: manual vice adjustment through handwheel - semi-automatic start through pedal switch or control panel switch - the machine carries out a complete cutting cycle including vice locking, sawframe downfeed, cut, sawframe return and vice opening.

Manual cutting cycle: manual vice adjustment through handwheel - material vice locking through switch key - sawband start through gripswitch - manual sawframe pull down and cut - material vice opening through switch key.

Vice and  sawframe and plateau in cast-iron providing high stability and vibration free cutting.  
Bench and pedestal made of steel plate.
Large and round working table turning along with the sawframe inclination . 
Precision blade guide with tungsten carbide plates and adjustable rollers.
Gear-box in oil bath. 
Side-to-side mobile vice with quick approach lever. 
Electro-hydraulic components are of  first  choice.
Anti-corrosion treatment with electrolytic nickel-plating and galvanization zinc plating ensure  long lasting cutting precision.
Electric    installation    according   CEE regulations.  
High level  machining and finishing of the parts.
Coolant electric pump. Blade cleaning brush.
Safety pressure switch, set of fuses against current overload. 
Motor protected thermal feeler. Safety microswitch on the blade protection.
Severe tests are performed rigorous testing on assembling mechanical and automation that ensure a high level of performance and functionality.

Bar-stop with millimeter scale for measuring the length of cut.
INVERTER for cutting speed from 20 to 105 m/min.
Work support bracket for the material to be cut.
Water gun to clean the working table.
HSS bi-metal blade 3310x27x0,9mm.
Set of service spanners.
Certificate of conformity according to Machine Directive 2006/42/CE
Instruction manual with exploded view for spare parts identification.

Starting pedal.
Blade lubricant nebulizer.
Rollerway 2 meters long on loading side.
Rollerway 2 meters long on unloading side with bar stop.

Technical support from the local service centre.
Thomas spare parts supply.




3Ph Electirc motor






Hydraulic pump motor



Gearbox reduction ratio



Flywheel diameter



Blade dimension


3310 x 27 x 0,9

Blade speed



Vice opening



Sawframe inclination



Working height



Machine dimension


1700 x 2150 x 2250










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